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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Broken Pocket Rocket

The deadlines passed and unfortunately no one was able to guess the correct answer. The answer I was looking for is my gyro MARTIN PARR....I'd like to thank everyone for your particpation in my "Guess who took the Pictures on my TV Win a Postcard Contest."


You didn't even try, what else is new. I can count one years worth of comments on my toes. I'm allowed a little playful indignation because we are in the vicinity of my birthday.

Not a soul one of you (whoever you are, and even I don't know you I would have sent you one) is getting anything from me homemade recycled Chinese Reader's Digest postcard wise!! I'm just gonna have to go and send all my rad DIY to my new internet friends.


p.s. Last week when I went on my bike ride to and fro (anyone read that one?) Anyways, my already crap digi-camera fell out of my half-zipped pocket when I was overcoming a speeding bus on my speedy red bicycle. The bus, thank the ghosts, pulled out of the bike lane just in the nicholas of time to have mercy on my sole reason to blog. But its all mussed up now, like the lens won't close properly and have to trick it by taking the batteries in and out a couple of times before it turns off. But it still kind of takes pictures. I will now keep it in my bike satchel for ubiquitous bicycle use. Just one more thing on my list before a new travel-sized violin and guitar, that I must (painfully) save up to purchase to satiate my well deep need for extra-curic activities.

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