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Monday, January 02, 2006

Yesterday's Mongolain Goodbye, Today's Wired Van Horn

I left Tucson this morning the first day of the new year, anxious to drive the completely straight 1000 miles stretch from Tucson to Houston. Haven't done it in a couple years and missed the big cold sky and raging winds at the truck stops.

600 miles to go.
{I need to mention, out of a impulsive need to be utterly indulgent, using celebrating the day I left Tucson as an excuse, I come to you blogging from the bathtub in room 133 of the Motor Lodge of Van Horn, Texas. Van Horn is replete with motel 20-30 dollar bargains. Once, and still mostly little 60s era independently owned lodges, now alot of them have free internet wi-fi and hot breakfasts to keep competative.}

Now I will remember some rememberings from my last night in Tucson that have been rendered forever dreamy with the digital camera.

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