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Monday, August 28, 2006

I have a Bunny now !

Today, at the outdoor market, I impulsed shopped a bunny when I was supposed to be buying some fruit. I was playing with him and then just thought "Yes, I will buy!" So then I carried little wubbybunnyfoufoufermen (name pending...) home in his little cage and then we got home and I tidied up my sun room porch thing (a wonderful little place where I eat breakfast and make collages and draw pictures and read and flip though my growing collection of picture books). So now he lives there and it is a fabulous home with nooks and crannies and sun and ample room to hop hop hop. Yeah! I love him. And as I type he is peeing little dribbles on me. awwww......

Nibbling on collage makers.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sam's Club China = Value + Love

Today my school, Aihua, was making it's marketing appearance at the ShiJingShan Sam's Club way out by the freeway (gross). I was there in full red polo shirt regalia to hand out flyers and look Foriegn and Happy. In reality, I putze around and played pianos and fiddled with digi cams and snuck away to get samples, which were on the whole way too small to deliver any impression upon the taste buds, but whatever. Samples are always fun. Also I treated myself to a starbuck's simulacrum iced espresso, which was BY FAR the best simulacrum I have ever tasted! Plus I got to wait 15 minutes for it! Plus I think I am gonna have to ride my bike to Sam's Club every weekend to behold their amazing Talent and Beauty Spectacles of Love.

Wedding Love "Photo" "Graphy"
(that's how chinese people say photography, its cute.)

"I probably don't show it at times, but I do love you dearly"

Here is where I should mention that Western Style weddings are all the rage in China. Families spend thousands of RMB on extravaganzas. That shouldn't be shocking, here things are done to the Hilt if at all possible. 'Tis why I love!

Matt and I, told them we were a couple.
Not! I would never joke about that. Never.

What's up?! Its a fashi-ma-Show of Horrible Dresses!

I stay and I stay and I cannot be moved.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Factory Fun!

So I've been teaching factory workers in a big kind of far away NEC factory. And everyone is real sleepy by this time of night, and thus real silly as a result, and don't really care about learning english because the factory is making them do it and they have to go, and hey whatever let's have fun my sleepsillies! And here are the results.
I could touch those buttons and no one would know cuz everyone is sleepy. shhh...

Window screen used in the prevention of Despair (i.e. War on Despair). Though we all agreed that the landscape was not only topologically impossible, but had the opposite effect of inviting despair, maybe a even a lit'l madness. But why? (Winner gets a postcard!!)

They like talking about funny things like hating their jobs and bosses!

20 questions is hard.
But fun!
Book is sux.
factory workers = snzzz class.

They looove Charades. OMG!

Yes, you will climb. This is what we must and will do.

more "War on Despair"
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