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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sam's Club China = Value + Love

Today my school, Aihua, was making it's marketing appearance at the ShiJingShan Sam's Club way out by the freeway (gross). I was there in full red polo shirt regalia to hand out flyers and look Foriegn and Happy. In reality, I putze around and played pianos and fiddled with digi cams and snuck away to get samples, which were on the whole way too small to deliver any impression upon the taste buds, but whatever. Samples are always fun. Also I treated myself to a starbuck's simulacrum iced espresso, which was BY FAR the best simulacrum I have ever tasted! Plus I got to wait 15 minutes for it! Plus I think I am gonna have to ride my bike to Sam's Club every weekend to behold their amazing Talent and Beauty Spectacles of Love.

Wedding Love "Photo" "Graphy"
(that's how chinese people say photography, its cute.)

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