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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Re: Last post and feeling validated by a web program.

"for expressing myself in this media"
"this wily experiment called the internet"

I don't take it all back or anything, I do like We Feel Fine, but that last post was uncharacteristic, somehow, maybe the over-joyed language, I was in a mood. I don't feel so validated as much 10 hours later. Maybe becuase I couldn't hone the WFF application to find shoesonawire. Suppose what I wanted to find was for the quote about being "heard as extraterrestrial" to be layered on top of an image of the WFF graphic. To imbed a message to WFF itself about it's own design. And that this bubble would link to my post about WFF and vice versa, like a self-awareness loop. Or product placing WFF in its own self. But it didn't work, yet. Also, I was in a mood, and from reading those last few sentences, maybe the mood lingers

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson