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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sheng Kuai Le is Happy Birthday.

Me at 25. I'm in front of a neat broken pottery wall randomly exposed in a stairwell at the Wukesong Station shopping district.

Below is my new dazzle scrunchy. Any girl who's any girl with a ponytail wears a scrunchy in China. So Jackie and I perused the shops for scrunchies and other such niceties, such as fanny packs. I bought a funky green and orange one for "bike riding," but promptly slung it over my hips and made a transfer of priority easy access items. Purse & fanny pack. Style Maverick!

( or click on the foto!)

Shopping Districts::What they look like.

Feet of Amazement. Allured tantalized by the spectacle, enamored by a possible free toothpaste giveaway.

Demos and Giveways on little stages are fairly common. And they tend to draw relatively large and eager crowds. The M.C. and giveaway girl will tease the crowd with toothpaste, but for those loyal gawkers promise more treasures. If you can stand to watch 45 minutes of a cheap disposable camera being flipped around and dissected and banged against the microphone to demostrate the strength and quality of the plastic, even you could have one thrown at you, free of charge. Obviously, he threw me some toothpaste over the crowd. (B/C obviously I waved my arms and jumped up and down)

Some pets you can't pet.

Nice Pet Guy hamming it up for me. His friend kept hovering a turtle over his head as if were really wacky. It wasn't really, but we ha-ha-ed anyway. It drew a small crowd. But crowds are easily drawn.

Bellagio is a schmancy and popular embassy area restaurant that serves Taiwanese food and bean-derived desserts. It's so schmancy all the waitresses (everyone working there) have the same sophisti-funky short hair cuts.

Taiwanese food :: what it looks like.

My Birthday Cake replacement, the Bellagio Breeze.

Despite its visual peril, its structurally airy and guilt free! Ingred:: softly shaved ice, vaguely flavored like condensed milk, slathered in delectably sludge of pineapple, lychee fruit, tapioca pearls, and red and green beans. It was easy to get through due to its watery melty interior. It was fun, but we both agreed we wouldn't necesarily do it again.

Jackie and the "Breeze".

Breeze Me!

Then we went to The Bookworm, because it's what we do.

Sanlitun ::what it is.

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