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Friday, April 28, 2006

New "Frando Stainless Steel Cup"

In preperation for my trian trip I went into my favorite local department store the "Constellation M Store" to make a purchase of a travel thermos for hot tea drinking in my bunk. I didn't realize how important this decision was going to be until I witnessed the vast and diverse selection of of the thermos department. Chinese don't kid around with their thermoses. The prices were from 80 to 400 kuai (consider a kuai a sort of like a U.S. dollar, its not the exchange rate, but relative to ones wage 400 kuai is like spending $400 if you make $1000 a month.) One can buy clear plastic, clear glass, with/out paintings, leather encased, engraved stainless steel, super small, super big, ergonomic and sporty or bullet shaped and commanding respect. My favorite was the highly breakable fired clay travel thermos for 350 kuai. I bought this Frando for 123 kuai, I suppose it's an economy model, but it felt extravagant to me as I am usually too frugal with my money...I could eat pretty well for a week with 123 kuai. But I am proud of it as it seems pretty durable and elegant. And the dolphin motif makes it sea-worthy. It even came with its own little cofin and "elucidation book." I like it.
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