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Friday, April 28, 2006


Dashanzi, or otherwise known as "798 space" is the premier art district in Beijing. Apparently, it was formerly the site of Great Leap Forward Era factories and I have heard that the massive complex was reknowned for its exuberant worker's marches in honor of Chairman Mao Zedong. Now, like many trendy art spaces worldwide the factories and warehouses are now trendy art studios and galleries, complete with hipster cafes and restuarants squished into odd shaped rooms inbetween the galleries, one of which charges 15 kuai for a diet coke, authentic surely service free of charge...I like Dashanzi, although its 2 hours by bus and subway from my neck of the woods. I was there on Tuesday to meet my new friend Meng, a shy budding young Beijing artist who was showing some art in one of the galleries. Later we walked about and viewed some decidely international art, such as the super trendy, but still no-less highly likeable Yoshimoto Nara from Japan. So that was the highlight of last week. Later Meng and I will plan to ride more buses and take pictures.
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