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Friday, April 28, 2006

Out of all the foreign teachers I was chosen by the school's Head Mistress to be interviewed by the News team about my thoughts on the school. Despite the fact that I have rarely spoken with the head mistress and you won't find me hanging around the school on my off-time like some of the other teachers I think I was chosen because of my status as the blonde friendly-looking American female. My suspecions that I am a spokesmodel were later confirmed when I was promptly ordered to stand on stage during the presentation of the cake, pop the champagne corks, and blow out the candles all while being filmed with the owners of the school while my fellow teachers sat amidst the audience. I thought my interview was fine despite some random women interupting my translator while I was talking. Who then turned around and "translated" what I had said despite the fact that she was talking to someone else while I was saying it...So we have scheduled a re-interview for week from now even though the subject of the interview will be last night's event. So I might be dubbed over with my own voice! I wouldn't think that the birthday party in the library lobby was very newsworthy, but apparently it will not be just a 2 minute closer on the evening news, but a full-length report, possiblely even replaying the Pub Quiz footage and everything. Memory and Me. She is my favorite co-teacher because she often wears power suits to class. We teach 5 year olds.
And close-up of our Elizabethan collars.
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