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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Clap Group

clap group #2, originally uploaded by gofeetgo.

What an eerie day? Though I was in the best mood due to some delightfully cool haze, which Beijing wears well. I rode around on my bicycle and went into the school to finish some tests, and also use photocopiers to try out a new coloring book project idea. When I come home, I want to take nice portraits of friends and family, (but like my kind of portraits, not like the smile-for-me kind). Then turn them into cartoonish renderings, for coloring books. Then you/they could color your own portrait. I think I could make a beautifully personal coloring book this way; and then have the accompanying photographs of course, something within reason artistically I could do, easily. I have the idea there....working on the technique despite not having any real prints of my photos. Processing quality is laughable anywhere around here.

This is the clapping group that gets together every evening in the Sam's Club parking lot near my apartment. They clap. They start off slow, then fast, then syncopated, then free style, then cool down.

What a marvel, was today.

clap group #1

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