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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Children's Day

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Was today. And I was told, but forgot because I don't teach kids during the week and thus had no reason to celebrate them + me not being at school. Also another excitement I missed out on (since I don't have a cell phone) was the deluge of Children's Day text messages that one might receive from their co-workers. My roommate was telling me about his. Apparently, he got many in which it was suggested that he could pee in his bed and/or pants, and also wear baby clothes and eat child-amounts of candies. These seemed wonderfully inane at first until he made it clear that he was getting the same jokes over and over from everyone, and then it reminded me of how unoriginal the Chinese can be. Example: we had secret santa in our office during Christmas and one could tell which gifts can from the Chinese and which from the foreigners. Chinese gave their standards: new years pigs, wallets, belts, penny jars... But I guess if they maintain to be amused, then, well, its amusing.

So, though, today, I was in oblivion of the official appreciation of childhood, I ended up on a childlike scavenge in the little grocery store near my apartment. In the toy aisle I found some great literate contraptions. (click on the picture, then on then on my photo set called "Lovely Toys More Funny")

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