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Thursday, December 14, 2006

About my Away-time.

It’s most un-shiny and comes with no photographic accompaniment, thus I try to keep it from the blog. But the last couple weeks were very bad health-wise, and there were/are some problems being dealt with here in my world. Work was missed, hospitals were visited, money was spent, and horrible sickness was had/is still being had. General feeling regarding health is of frustration and near-deafetedness. Strange that I avoid being specific when it comes to these matters, but I suppose I don’t really want my blog to be my grump-log or misery documentation. I consider it more a pseudo-personal account of encounters with good small things and ambiguous small bad (not even bad) things. I don’t think of this as a journal, and therefore I have left so much out, maybe interesting, juicy, or funny stuff. This has more to do with me living the interesting, juicy, funny stuff than writing about it, plus, I like leaving something to tell people when I talk or write to them individually. The good-news is that during all this non-productive sick time at home I have been reading about and devising some new traveling photography/book idea projects for the upcoming adventure in March. I shall write more later, but here is a teaser: SHOESONAFARMER!

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson