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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Merry Thanksmas!

Well, though there is a big Thanksgiving get-together tonight at our teacher-fav restaurant "Big Windows", but ironically as pretty-much the only full-blooded American, I will miss the eating portion since I'm teaching class until 9:30pm. But I will make it for the later boozing portion at the 'bar' (formerly a tea house-but the teachers have convinced the managers to turn it into a bar just for us, because no bars really exist around here, and they play our music so...) But, surprisingly, I received many a 'Happy Thanksgiving' from some chinese people; and there were even special articles in the Chinese News about it, which, I guess, I find a little surprising as it is probably the only non-secular, non-commercial major All-American holiday. (which happens to be my fave!)

I am missing the family at Grandma's house this year. I love you all! But the holiday spirit's not lost in the East, it found me this morning on a heap of garbage outside my apartment. Right on time! My dumpster'd christmas tree was already kind of decorated with some shappy, dusty bows and a dangly star. Here I am giving it a shower. I think I will make my Glitter Mange pony the Angel.
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