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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sea Bag

Tonight, I attended another school banquet. My school sent some students to Ireland this summer and tonight was a show and tell: a night of preteens acting in skits and giving speeches and kind of singing songs, sort of. Best part, of all the best parts, was that it was in one of the many HYPER-GLORIUS sea food restaurants around Shijingshan. These places are bonanzas of golden tin foil and vaulted ceilings and mazes of aquariums of crustaceans and many a shark fin with red bows in frames, they even have two live SEA LIONS swimming fancy free in a little pool. And everyone loves them and never eats them! They call them Hai Bao, which literally means "Sea Bag" and I couldn't, oh so, agree any more! Here's just a little of the visual and epicurious glory.

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