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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rest in Peace My Little Wubby

On Saturday my new bunny died unexpectedly. Rumor has it (according to co-worker Marco) that white albino rabbits have something wrong interbreeding, genetic, brain-wise, which makes survival past bunnyhood pretty slim. I certainly kept it fed and watered and loved, but who knows the whys? I bought her from a little sketchy pet and plant stand in the outdoor market, so.... Her death was rather sad. I watched her struggle with seizures for 20 minutes until she died (sorry for the grim detail). But, it was a special moment (as in not good, but certainly life-growing/learning). I had never witnessed death up close like that. And it was all made even more dramatic coupled with the timing of my Grandpa's impending open heart surgury, of which I was informed just the day before, that I should most definitely call him ASAP. (Papa and I had a couple of good phone conversations this weekend!)

But bunny: I was pretty upset as we were making big plans to bike across China together, her in the bike basket. But we had short, but sweet super fun week of cuddling and hanging out doing things (her mostly nibbling and me cleaning/cooking or interneting or something.) I even took her to the Kindergarten one morning and showed her to all the babykids and all my Teacher friends got to meet her too! It was nice having a bunnybaby and being a Mommy and taking care of her. I feel not so shy of being sweet and tender in front of people when I had bunny, like showing my more private self. It's also like a get-out-of-cool pass. And I wish she didn't die dead, but she did. Here are some memorial pictures of love:

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