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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I know what I need, thank you.

"You really need a boyfriend." That’s what my coworker T said when I told him about my bunny buy last week. But geez can’t a girl spread herself thin with piddle little hobbies like bunny momming, jogging, collaging, and music downloading and blogging, and photographing, and bike riding and other of the countless things without someone mistaking this for opposite sex attention deficit. F’N Boo on that! This is the POMO Age of Multi-tasking. So my little hobbies and start up projects I chart in my mind as fairly high on the priority-gotta-do-this list (such as, “this” being making a mixed CD musical representation of my favorite Shijingshan department store: The ConstellationM Store. Or “this” being, rip out maps from old Chinese text books and collect rips in a folder to create an on hand stash of collage materials, et cetera…)

I’ve been heavy on the hobbies as of lately (since I got my own house/playpin a little more than 2 months ago). I bought a bunny rab last Saturday, granted it died, by this Saturday but I like to keep my hands occupied. So today, being post-payday, I went (Jackie in tow) to Hai Xing Violin Factory a few subways away and had a grand time trying out violins. Now in all fairness to myself this wasn’t a capricious new charge upon a hobby, I have been playing the violin pretty much all my life. So if anything, not playing the violin…or the guitar or piano, or being musical in some vein (as is fundamental to my basic regular regime to combat restlessness, sadness, boredom, or the blankness un-inspired rut that one can have trouble escaping)…well, not playing might actually contribute to REAL capriciousness, such as Bunny Rabbit impulse shopping…

So the shop was small, but loaded with instruments and the craftsmen and salespeople (just 3 people) were really sweet and smiley and willing to come down on prices. They had some pretty cheap brightly colored student violins (above). One of the more expensive violins (1450 RMB ($150 U.SD)) was truly nice. I settled on a great deal: fine violin with adequate sound and good not cramped fingerboard (I got big (I think ugly) hands). It sounds a little bright and echo-y, but I will wear it in soon enough. For sure, I miss my violin back in the states a big bunch. Not only is the sound warm and broad, but it smells rosey and musky in the vicinity of the chin rest area, like wood and resin and perfumed sweat. I like

I couldn’t help thinking when I was walking out of the shop with a 1.) new violin, 2.) free bow (good bow!), 3.) free case (great light case!), 4.) free rosin, bargain shoulder rest, 5.) Wolfhardt Etude book, 6.) and a folding music stand with carrying case, all of which was only 620 RMB ($70 USD!)), that for the cost of my violin back home ($3500 USD) mom and I (13 years ago) could have both flown to China, spent a nice week checking out the Great Wall, eating Peking Duck, and whatnot and then, before heading back home, go violin shopping and have left China with a great instrument, bows, accessories, and maybe even a cello too, all for the roughly the same amount ($3500)! Gosh.

So I didn’t take many pictures from today, but I wanted to post something. Because picture-less is no fun anymore. Whenever I don’t have pictures for storytelling or can’t really figure out what take a picture of, I just take photos of myself. Maybe you see it, because I do, check out dark circles under my eyes. I haven’t really been sleeping much lately due to little endeavors and ignoring sleep and coasting on the second-wind that comes around 1 am. You know what I need:: I need to sleep.

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