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Monday, September 04, 2006

First Day of School!

I don't know what this sign says probably something about Welcome to WuYi Primary School. But its all masterfully done in chalk!
The summer is over, and it even feels over. There is a cool wind and the sky is blue and clear. I feel like "Finally!" The last 2 weeks have been downtime at the school, but we have added about 6 new foreign teachers (most of whom are fresh off the plane) to our previous 6, and there are 4 more on the way. Plus the addition of, I duuno, 20 chinese co-teacher staff. Aihua (my school) has become quite big very rapidly. So we've been hanging out with new teachers and having dinners and parties. So the week's been pretty nice.
But today was the day of reckoning: the new BIG contract school with the new teachers, all going together, all at once, on a big rented bus (which is something we have never done before. Usually, its just a couple teachers going here and there, but now we are a mobile labor force). Just excitement!

Jackie on the teacher bus to WuYi, buddy and teacher/Assistant to the Somebody, but runnin the chaos show pretty darn good.

New Teach from Canada, Adam.

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