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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Last Week's Postcard Contest: The Answer/The Winner

The Answer to last week's challenge is ::: >

What did I freely associate while watching the dancer girls? ....They are Ballerinas..... "Ballerina Girl".... That's a song by Lionel Richie.... Lionel Richie is possibly the most beloved english songwriter in all of China, by far in tallies of KTV plays. Totally, by far.

No one wins again, except for Benny who didn't really "win" but sorta did b/c he internetmastered the name of the really obscure Chinese song sample that I put up and came up with Lionel Richie being a chart topper as some part of the answer.

He will receive a postcard made out of interesting pieces of paper I find in the garbage at work and also in this wonderful bookcase in my apartment that's full of old Chinese mags and personal letters/photographs and diaries from the former tenants! Congrats to Benny!

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson