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Friday, April 28, 2006

May Day

The last week was slightly above average, but still I am a little bored of my mundane pictures of daily life. So this week I did some stuff, of course, but they yielded very unsatisfying pictures, thus I do not like to post them, but I will no matter and compensate the bad pictures with equally bad narrative just to say that I have posted something this week...

As for the future. I have an actually exciting adventure ahead, one that promises "more chinese" per volume of experience than my regular daily life. Tomorrow night Haiyan and I will travel by night train down to Jiangxi and Hubei provinces in the south of china to visit the famous and beautiful Lushan Mountain (google it.), to hike around, sleep in various temples, and attend workshops in Chen (Zen) Buddhism for a week. Add to the excitement of my first cross-China adventure is it's convergance with a billion other people's cross-china adventures, as this week is the long May Day holiday. High travel time. Fortunately, we have acquired a sleeper in the train, thus avoiding the infamous hard seats, where travelers could endure a crowded bench for hours, though that is the worst of the stories. I have heard great things about Chinese trains, such as that people walk around in their pajamas, and cozy up like its a big moving sleepover. I hope I find this to be true. I will be coming back on the 5th...by myself! as Haiyan will stay a little longer, but I have to be back to teach classes next saturday.

So I might be out of communication for a few days, plus hotmail.com has been fritzy lately...Bye bye.

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