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Saturday, March 15, 2008

excerpt from "Man with a Presentasion [sic]"

He spent the night at the library, left a man..
most post-teenage girls/premid-twenties women knew him. Carried his stachel in like a dignitary, sat it on the table with assured grace in a manner of pure unadoltrated focus. In side were varied legnths and thickness of cardboard, and scrawled text sandwhiched between, latyer afterleyer if you looking at cockeyed. Hopefully, the library was at his temnperature of choice (I couldn't speculate, but it seems like perhaps it owoudld n't be too cold to need 2 latedyers). You can get a lot of work done on a belly that been digesting for at least 2 hours. but antecedent to eating you are starved mad and postliminious to eating you are a sleeping the bliss leaning into your side. have heard this true and have lived it to make it fact.

His next day was to be full of pressures, of cleaning his plate before class, and ghaving to stand infront of that very class with a full and bloated belly, self-conscious with all eyes staring at his belt-buckle ready to busrt....But the morning lurches slow into the lunch hour and he is weary of the wednesday specaail "chili con carne con huevo con queso con queso con leche Ranchero", He passes up the long line, good choice, friend....And now entering into the MLNG bnui;ding, stopping to go over the notes (noting the empty desk in the stairwell with daft messages carved into the desktop "Leave Iraq alone!" and next to it "Give me a cookie...Now!") He leaves with the time to spare him a dime of good cents/sense/scents and siddles into the lecture hall with assured grace in a manner of pure unadoltrated focus. And how the ladies knew him was there gravest secret?

We leave this to the man himself to answer upon finding this the last and final question in the whole message...aND THAT one is how did our young gentlemen brave the trechors of public speaking?

Hannah, October 2002

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson