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Saturday, March 15, 2008

excerpt from "INDEP500 vs. ALC450: CH. 1 THE FIRST REPRISAL"

"The INDEP500 matches the technology of the ALC450 in everyway, except for its physical appearance. Its light black, molded plastic is stylish, rounded and ergonomic. There are gyroscopes and wheels that allow the INDEP500 to move independently while running on batteries and can be adjusted with a remote. It was this mobility feature that convinced the Mr. Peterson to replace the older ALC450 plug-in. But there is an odd quirk of the INDEP500. It has been showing up in the oddest places. Mrs. Peterson was singing in the shower one evening and heard its clicking gyroscopes. She stepped out to find, to her alarm, the INDEP500 standing idle in front of her. Its small head blinking and whirring, it wasn’t playing music or telling jokes."

Hannah, Jan 2003

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson