written/non-written things by me (from 2005-2008)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

"The meat comes out in one piece" is how it ends.

Unfortunately, we could not stay in the Olive Garden. We would have to run to catch the bus again.

“But I am so hungry,” I said.

Then I went over to a table where the people had just left and took their bread basket and put it in my bag. Tom followed my example and took some bread off other peoples plates. Then we left and ate the bread in the parking lot as we walked to the bus depot. But then there was a circus in the parking lot and we had to go it!

So we ran to the circus and we went in and it was magnificent! We all paid one dollar to slide down a big slide on the inflatable Titanic. I climbed up through a tunnel with ropes guiding you to the top. There was a man at the top who told me matter-of-factly to “go down the slide.” He didn’t smile. The real Titanic was an emergency after all and, I imagine, there was little time for friendliness. I held my dress at the sides when I was sliding, but it didn’t work. I think the guy at the bottom saw my underwear. I slid down into an inflatable ice berg. Then Edward. Then Tom.

Then Edward paid two dollars to see the world’s smallest pony. Tom and I watched Edward as he looked into a well where the pony was located at the bottom. Edward looked back at us making a cute face to indicate the little pony was really cute. But we weren’t going to fall for that old trick. Then Edward bought a hot dog for three dollars. Tom and I split a bag of roasted peanuts for one dollar. Then we finished walking to the bus depot through the big parking lot. I asked Tom if it was okay to eat the shells on the peanuts as well as eating the peanuts.

“I can’t get to the peanut without eating some of the shell too,” I said.

“I think they are really bad for you because of all the pesticides they spray on the peanuts,” said Tom.

Then we got on the bus and it drove us downtown. I sat between Tom and Edward. I looked at our reflections in the dark windows. Then we got off the bus. I still had a peanut in my pocket. I broke it with my teeth and the peanut came out whole. It was delicious.

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson