written/non-written things by me (from 2005-2008)

Friday, August 03, 2007

'04 Part One


I was going to get up and pull my senses through the new armholes I cut out with scissors the night before, I made heat waves with these stylized t-shirts last year, We’ll just see about these new models, We’ll just wait and see about their success in these times of hysteria and melanoma.

11:23:46 Notes: Self-tailored t-shirts to wear on the beach:Bonuses: Short sleeves evade heat waves. Subtractions: Tan lines irregular across the nape of the neck and around the armpits.

11:25:53 I wake up to those south wall-leaning amps still pounding as if from neurologically, inside some kiddo taped the knob set on “fun-loving,” (some kid with a fun-loving hairdo), erstwhile

11:26:12 My hair is on vacation.

11:26:45 I am unpacked and disheveled in the motel corner, but plugged up ready to implode.

11:27:01 There is darkness in the bathroom, the shower in particular, there is a dank and fetid monument erected in the tub, and more gruesome of a detail, shameful, there is this man in the mirror who holds a grimace as if manically stapled across a


red-hot face,

a Picasso shell-shocked

mid-life cliché face.

11:30:53 I stand in the kaleidoscope of this image.

11:31:46 There is a lurch to the toilet.


My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson