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Thursday, May 31, 2007

If you thought this was my life, you'd be 40 percent right.

That was a right good amount for all you, stranger/friend/mom, needed to know. I'll make a don't-analyze-this-too-hard metaphor, but this blog has been like a nice boyfriend for the past almost 2 years. And its seen a lot of action. And I've told it many things and its been good. But then I went on a trip and came back and things have changed. I've changed and its not the blog, but me and its just not gonna work out. I've posted smatterings lately here and there, but I'm really pullin from the bin and there's no jive or flow. Stream or thread. And well, to be honest it is the blogbfriend, maybe a little. And that's way I've been distancing myself. I don't like the way it looks anymore and I want something more sophisticated. And I used to enjoy reading old posts every now and then for memory-recaps and now I just can't really muster the interest and if I do I feel awkward. Oh, i just want get it all out now. I've been seeing someblogelse. Like everynight, and its amazing, because it responds to me and stuff and its just a good match.

So, I will continue to post about life-things that will change in next couple months because there will be some show&tell-worthy transitions such as making my good-riddances to China, teaching in Korea for the summer, and the anticipated transition back to America, and journeys in America. I mean that will be a story! But I imagine a fizzle-slow down and I might even start another blogtionship, or a recapitulation of SHOESONAWIRE, but it will be of hopefully wildy creative proportions and more me-filled than ever. Me-filled in a way that's my true voice and my true eyes (I'm trying to find those). And I don't care if anyone sees it, I just want to make it. I have so many ideas for so many projects that I want to persue. And I don't care about jobs, there just money-generators. I'll do what I have to get money.

As for right now the other 60 percent is photographing daily, running for my life, learning new languages, writing what comes to me in palpitations no one should see. And my violin playing, if a forecaster of mood, has been equally diligent and i've taken a keeness to an eerie and hysterical form of vibrato, which might sound-for-itself just what it is that I am feeling. But being 40 percent on this page is not what I want. I want to push for 70 percent personally expressive, maybe I'll go 90s someday. These are the things I care about.

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson