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Monday, March 05, 2007

Mar. 4 and 5th: Stuck in Liping

, originally uploaded by gofeetgo.

I ended up in this typically loud little Chinse city because there were no buses out of Zhaoxing to Sanjiang and I thought I could get a connection here. It started raining and the mountain roads around this region are majorly hilly, half of the way there I was told would be under major construction. Well its been 2 days now and I hope for a bus down south tomorrow. I can't really bike out of this city, to any reasonable city nearby. I am stuck waiting for the every-other day bus to Sanjiang. So fortunately, there is a decent internet cafe. And its not as slow as others, though it is slow. In my rainy day in waiting I have been transfering my jounral entries to my blog and I am glad to be done. Its a lot of work. If I have not emailed its because the blogs are taking up my internet energy, but please consider them just as personal as a message, because I post them with the same measure of care and desire to share this experience. Here are some pictures I took around Liping trying to kill time. I have lots of pictures and the better ones can be found at my flickr site. www.flickr.com/photos/gofeetgo, which is more frequntly updated than this blog.

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