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Monday, March 05, 2007


DSCF7136, originally uploaded by gofeetgo.

Riding from Rongjiang to Congjiang was the best riding day thus far. The road was gently rolling and skirted along a river canyon. Beautiful timer Dong minority villages flanked both sides of the river. They use sampans to get across.

The women wear their hair in a loose, but intact pretzel on top of their heads. They wear traditional clothes, woven with the cloth that they make and dry themselves, of course.

84km (maybe about 40 miles) a good ride that felt like some real progress. The city of Rongjiang was the typical Han (Chinese majority) outpost of white tiled gritty facade buildings on a single mainstreet, but it was charmed up with new bridges and seemed much cleaner than the previous cities. No doubt they are enjoying a bit of tourist dollars (though I didn't see any), but this is Dong country, and their is a reason for tourists (Chinese and foreign) to make it here. It was a great ride, and I'm nice and tired in a very warm head heavy kind way.

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