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Saturday, February 17, 2007

"In" this moment.

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These are some of the photos taken today. And after which I had a conversation with some friends, something about "living in the moment" and what is the right balance to be struck when using moment-recording/destroying technologies such as cameras, recorders, etc. Reminded me of my favorite Benjamin Walker podcast on the same subject (incidentally, it also features an interview with Muzi Mei, the most notorious Chinese blogger). One of BW's arguement's is that "most moments suck"; or are at least most are just mundane and not worth deep in-the-moment absorption. His guests argue that maybe we are truly "there" when we are uncomfortable, lonely, or undergoing some kind of pain.

I don't no about that, but as for mediating the moments with my camera... I know that I am rarely interested in taking pictures at parties and special events or even when I am in a text-book beautiful place. I do, but its not really fun and I don't really care about having those moments captured so much. In fact, the act of taking photos (always alone and separated) for me creates surprising "moments" that would otherwise be blah'd and whatever'd into the inextraordinary background of daily life. For instance, I took this while waiting to meet Haiyan today.

Took these two while walking down the street.

(hint: motorcycle)

And this while my friends where in the shop next door.

The first photo was taken when I passed a Muslim restaurant and accidentally side-glanced the magnificent wallpaper from the outside. I would have never gone in for any reason. But impelled to instigate whatever "a moment", I walked into the jovial arrangement of odd patterns, paintings and nice owners, who after being asked, we're delighted to have their picture taken. I was so "in". For me there is no other way to be.

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