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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Capital city of Guizhou Province.

Made it to Guiyang via Air China smoothly, despite losing my cell phone day of departure. Do I really need it? It was crowded at the Beijing Airport and some asking around eventually got me in the right place. Amazingly, I needn’t pay a fee for my bike as additionally weight. Amazingly, it wasn’t an issue at all. Air China flight was great. I swapped seats on two occasions with passengers that wanted to sit with their family members. As it happened I was in a window seat, which was useless at 9pm. But as it worked out with all the switchings, like a beneficial rubic’s cube, I was eventually toggled to an aisle. The only reason I am writing about this flight is that it was unique in the since that I am gusessing that more than half of the passengers were first timers. I have never scene so many people actually pay attention to the flight safety demonstration. You could have dropped a pin. Would have made a funny photo, all those heads and wide-eyes leaning in the aisle.

When we were flying into Guiyang there was not a light in sight. Indication, I thought, of the level of development of the city. Turns out thought I was wrong, the airport was just 30 minutes from the city center. We exited the aircraft like presidents do, on the tarmac, in the wind, walking down a roll-away staircase. We all, one hundred of us, stood in the dark waiting for the shuttle bus. After that, nothing too strange. I managed to get my bags together and move through the small airport and out to the front where there were a bevy of unlit cabs. That’s the most I can say about the airport, there were hardly any lights. The cabby and I chatted on the way to the city. And it seems that the Guizhou accent isn’t too heavy for me to comprehend. I told him a not expensive, but good hotel. And he delivered. It was typically Chinese hotel in the San Diego-reminiscent downtown. 24 hour noodle shop next door. I bought 2 bowls at 2 am, one for breakfast the next morning, one for right then and there.

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