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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feb 27: Rongjiang

Taking the bus from Sandu to Rongjiang was so unbelieavably a good idea. I had written down the bus adventure in my journal last night while waiting for a women to stir-fry my vegetables in this little open air garage type restuarant. But alas, I forgot to bring it. The most important part is the that the roads were moderately trafficked with busses and motorcycles, plus they were slippery with constant drizzle, plus they was broken pavement with intermittant tumblings from the mountainsides. It took 3 hours to get about 34 km, although one of those was spent in the bus station waiting for the bus to fill up, they won't leave until it does. The bus stopped along the way picking up people and their dirty bindles. It was fun! And I never hurt so much from needing to pee that bad in my life. I was never before so relieved to see the absolutely revolting trough, they call the bus station restroom.

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