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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feb 25: Duyun

Woke up with a headache and a sore shoulder from yesterday's fall. I could've rode today, but no way would I have made it to Duyun, too far and too hilly. I asked a young employee at my hotel for directions to the long-distance bus station and instead of giving me directions. He walked me to the station, waited 20 minutes with me for the bus to arrive, and arranged for my bike to be put in the trunk and me in the front seat. In situations like these, which are occurring on a daily basis, I am at lack to express my appreciation, I just say thank you over and over and in a sincere tone.
Duyun is cleaned-up city and I found a super nice, reasonably priced hotel within 1 minute of asking. After dropping off my stuff, I spent the afternoon meandering around the lake which bisects the city and admiring the old men that have slew of activities including fishing, birdcage watching, sitting, making nets, selling sets, and playing flutes. I took some photos of a flute player and soon I was asking to play the flutes. He had me try out all the flutes he had. When I asked how much he handed me three flutes and said "gifts". Confused I said "No!" then a small crowd drew a another man explained to me, though still in Chinese, that the old man wants me to have them because I came to china in a plane, or something like that. Again, this generosity is a unparalleled to anything that I have experienced before. It's a like a friendly-zone.

Anyways, hours later I went back and found that next door to my hotel was a nice bike shop. The next day. I got fenders for mud-defense, new break pads for my rear wheel, and a helmet. (I forgot to by one in Beijing). Now, I am so very much safer, for real.

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