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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stick Food

One of the handy things about learning a langauge by immersion is that you pick up only the words that you want/need to know. For instance, this delight is squid on a stick (you yu chaun'r). After asking what it was over and over again while ordering one eventually, the name stuck. There are many varieties of former sea creatures/meat creatures on sticks. But squid is the sloppiest due to the chewy texture of its tentacles and the added irritation of all the chinese BBQ sauce slathered on it (if its a quality vendor that is). Furthermore, with the tendency for the sauce to pool inside the small suckerfeet the process of retracting the meat from the sharp sticks can get potentially ruinous, as far as faces are concerned. Most food stalls selling you yu chaun'r are easily identified by the crowds of bent over individuals trying to enjoy the food despite the actual experience of eating it.

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