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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Something A-float, a return.

Today, I returned to Mentougou. This time in a van with the other foreign teachers. We did a school promotion in the area then spent some time walking on the lake. This time, left the group and explored a little part that I overlooked last week...It was a beautiful and colorful day, but I am giving full-on color a bit of a rest. In these photos I fiddled with the focal black & white.

The bridge atop the man-made barrier between the reservoir and a system of levees they seem to be carving out.

Construction workers tent at the front the levee digging site.

One of the things I love best is trying to talk to people. This man was photo cooperative after I attempted to ask him how thick the ice was. He said it was "walking okay thick".

But what's a float? Tonight, using an inexpensive voice recorder that I excitedly purchased today, I have made a special treat for special people. A musical treat of street proportions for Qun Jie, Spring Festival.

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