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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Dirty Driver

Its common knowledge around the school that this man here has some kind of a fixation/infatuation for me. It started last Febuary, when he drove a group of us to a bar in a faraway district. Despite being our hired driver, he spent the evening squishing up next to me and a few other foriegn gals at the bar, and polishing off drinks when people turned their backs (I know I watched him from the second storey-while in hiding). Later that night he chased me and Matt down a street screaming "I love you" in whiney high pitched squeal. We took refuge in a lobby of empty building, managed to ascend a few stories and spy on him down on the street. Then we watched in horror has he shadowboxed to himself and flailed around under a street lamp. It was highly memorable. Then with all of us bundled in, he drove the van home on the freeway pushing a max speed of 20-25 mph all the while staring at me in the rearview mirror and honking the horn to get my attention. Then, if I looked up, he'd say I love you, or something else in weird English. Most unnerving.

Since then I have had many a street encounter, though less than my other collegues who mostly despise him. I think he is pretty innocent and ninety-percent composed of hysteria and giggliness, which I find amusing actually. His problem is his persistence, he doesn't usually go away once he sees me, or anyone he knows for that matter. Everytime I pass him he hugs me or attempts to and we usually end up in a swirl pull-away; and for some reason he will insist on driving me to Sanlitun (one hour away) everytime I see him despite whatever I am doing. On several occasion he has hug-attacked me while I was jogging by his corner. Its a bit of a bear wrestle spinning free, but like I said, I think its innocent. He has often jumped in front of me while I ride by on my bike. And today, he jumped in front of my camera. Surprise is his M.O. Today, he said (in chinese, of course) that I "ride my bike most excellently." Geez, I mean that's a nice not-too-dirty thing to say, right? Maybe he is reforming.
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