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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mild Oats.

About a week ago I bought some oatmeal. This was kind of a big decision considering that I have been eating mung beans for breakfast everyday for the past several months, with energetic results. But also, since I've been carbo-rationing, apart from fruit, sweet potatoes, and the one bag of Guoba (my favorite soybean rice crackers) a day. So its not really a ration, but I don't eat much big carbohydrates (oats, rice, noodles, bread, etc) with meals. So, well, yuck. I have felt aweful since the return to oatmeal (I ate oatmeal everymoring for years) and there were a few days of mild depression. I've been sluggish during my running and kind of impatient (not really, but noticable to me). Digestion is weird. It makes no medical sense, as oats are good for all the opposite reasons, energy, fiber, etc.
Yesterday, I fell when stepping off the bus and was trampled a bit by the people behind me. I landed in the arms of an advertisement kiosk and my borrowed comicbook "Critical Theory" went flying into a pile of dirt. It was silly and I was a little hurt but no one paid any mind. Then I suddenly realized, straightening out my skirt, that this oatmeal was a mistake, and was the source of all my more recent moans and woes.
I've gone back to Mung. Routine is a faith in practice. I've even started drinking apple vinegar. I believe all of these things will set me straight again. Who knows what the week will hold. I will not be a whinger (J's word, its irish for whinner).

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