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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We Had a Party.

It was Teacher's Day in China and as such Aihua partied it up in a fancy banquet room. Here we kick it off with a roomwide Gambei (toast). Featured is my yum wine, and by boo baijiu (foreground in the thimble goblet) But a thimble is enough. It is vile. It is the road most travelled when it comes to Chinese power hierarchies... or something. There were three tables and mine (stacked with most of the foreign teachers) decided to choose a baijiu "target" and repeatedly gambei (toast) him into paralysis. Morality! Fun part is that you cannot NOT drink when someone gambei's you. If we were in a room with more Chinese men, I think the odds would have been not in our favor. (Fast forward: I got away relatively unsullied with only 4 shots of baijiu, forced to chug (via being gambei'd) a full glass of Tsingdao Beer, and 3 glasses of Great Wall Wine. It was funn! And there was dancing and revelry. It was fun. Fun.

James and Adam mocking my spycam techniques.

Headmistress Chen Xi.

Headmaster David (saying something about zombies, huh, again??)

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