written/non-written things by me (from 2005-2008)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Went to Mountains.

I bought a ticket. Here we go!

I listened to Mp3 player. People getting on the bus! Goin! Goin! Goin!

I gave him my money and he gave me a ride. We went to the mountains!

This other man said give me a little money and you can go up this road to the mountains.

We all went to the mountains. Bumpity Bump!

I said see you later to the men (they were gonna wait for me to finish going to the moun....

Here is a rope bridge. I don't go on it. Would you?

Lookin good. Nice rocks!

Oh yes!

Hot mountain made me dripper. hahaha

Putting some drinks and the cucumbers in the cold mountain water. We're so hot and there so cold . brrr!

Toys and guns and firecrackers for the mountains! Having fun up there!

Eatin' the stuff you brought!

Sitting on the rocks with no shoes! Taking shirts off to feel the breeze!

Lady and her snacks right up there in the mountains on some rocks next to a waterfall! Hey Hey Hey! Making some money and having a nice time!

Looking up at them mountains! The sky is kinda too bright in the eyes. Don't wanna look too long!

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson