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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Shopping is a Feeling.

Jackie and I headed to Xidan, the maddening teener paradise of crap for a bit of shopping. Jackie had a mission for shoes, jeans, and the standard fare. I, with little money, took fotos, but somehow ended up buying more stuff than her, and spotted some insanity later to be purchased after payday (Get ready, Ed!)

I found a couple cheap shirts that will do for variety in the summer. They came with unraveling holes in the hand-sewn seams and the obligatory haggle. The holes, the shopgirls sewed up for me after I paid. The haggle was ridiculous and tedius, and expected. (i.e. They start at 200, I start at 10 and we work our way 2 kuai at a time to something reasonable (i.e. 15 kuai)).

Horrible ethnic dolls.

Horrible ethnic dolls (detail).

Jackie's fruitless pursuit of WWJW Sandals (What Would Jesus Wear).

It's so true. (....3x !)
My favorite place to shop is still this place....

...my witt'l grocery store in Shi Jing Shan.

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson