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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"The West Cowboy"

... is the only "bar" bar in all of ShiJingShan. Its Tiny and Glorius! And its all mine! And it has bamboo cabin facade attached to the white tile building that it resides in. And it absolutely does not fit into its immediate surroundings, but at the same time, its so easy to miss. And it's right outside my apartment. It's the Chinese version of the American version of the Chinese restuarant in Phoenix,Arizona called the Almond House (?Ed, I forgot the name?) , which is just like "The West Cowboy" overly decorated with orangish hued town and country parafenalia and warmly, and orangishly lit. The "The West Cowboy" is so ME!!!! Right down to the miniturized secret-y dining room opposite the toilet, where its sort of a Japanese/Korean style, on the floor with sliding paper doors thing, but there is also big screen tv and a wall of backlit ancient looking figurines. Oh I love it. (David's it so completely my equivalent of your Gualariva, under the train bar. ) Kitschy Western themed bar places are really not apart of the ShiJingShan experience. You might find that 30 miles into Beijing where all the foreigners live. But Out here the gathering places are all about the dapaidan, huge sprawling outdoor cafes lined all along the streets, where you can gather and eat and drink, watch soccer matches, play cards and drinking games. They are equally if not more great than my little bar, because they actally contain people, where as so far its just me and the West Cowboy and a few guys drinking Budweiser. (Better non-ceiling fotos will be taken) Posted by Picasa

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