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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

booo Hotmail

I haven't been able to access hotmail (except only once for 2 hours) for the last 3 weeks. It's a nationwide problem, no one really knows what is going on, whether its technical or whether hotmail has somehow ended up on the Chinese firewall list, meaning its being blocked. You can never tell when a page is blocked or whether it has problems loading, you recieve the same error page. If it is being blocked it doesn't make much sense (and its probably an disasterous accident) as in, that China has extremely good relationship with Microsoft. (Famously, a few weeks ago when Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the U.S. his first meeting was held not with GW but with Bill Gates, the chinese loooove Bill Gates) Here's an article illuminating hardly much at all about the problem except for the fact that is indeed widespread.

Add to my own frustration. I am having problems finding a suitable BIG name alternative to hotmail. My gmail account is inaccessible as well. I have forgotten the password to my yahoo account and "my" secret question to rectify the password problem is a question I don't remember having ever answered...Plus, I can feel google's blogger.com (the domain host for this blog) becoming ever more useless. Important buttons are not appearing when the page loads and other horrible things like not publishing when I press publish and losing things that I have written. It doesn't make it much easier that I am using a chinese operating system and everything on the screen apart from my own written text is in Chinese. So the possibility of pressing wrong "buttons" and accidentally deleting everything is precariously high.

I will sort a new email address soon...I really don't want "hanniepie1@yahoo.com" but for now that's how you can reach me...

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