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Saturday, February 04, 2006

STORMPAY: A Friday Night.


Ate a few bites of salmon prepared by my mom on a George Forman Grill, which was surprisingly sumptuous.

Downloaded and played a vocabulary flashcard game off the internet.

Applied Epi-Otic, a veterinary analgesic for dogs, on my ears

Pretended to read the Dallas Observer while standing extremely close to a group of middle-aged women reviewing a film they had just seen starring Dame Judy Dench.

Declined an enormous and free ice cream cookie sandwich.

Thought about and decided that since I am a bad daughter I would have to name my adopted Chinese baby girl Sandra after my mom, but that I would pronounce in San-jra, as if it were an Indian name.

Bought two hot pink pocket bibles.

Sat in front of a unintelligible arguing black couple on the train and actually read the Dallas Observer.

Loitered in front of a Hispanic news team hoping to get interviewed.

Found a flyer on the ground that said “CONDRADULATIONS! ” with an image of several huge sacks with money signs on them. Of course, intrigued, I squatted down to read it (as it was taped on the ground) The flyer asked me if I was “Ready to have [my] own ATM machine in [my] home receiving $10 bills daily for the rest of [my] entire life?…Let me introduce to you A FULLY AUTOMATED INTERNET CASH MACHINE that makes real money for real people, the ONE AND ONLY……….VENUS AND MARS LIFETIME INCOME CASH MACHINE……..

Saw my cash machine in action at

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson