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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Meandering through Wangfujing Dajie and the Moat Garden

Wangfujing Dajie is the over the top fake-o-rama shopping plaza a little east of the Forbidden City. Its not all fake, there are a few real fancy stores mixed inbetween. There are maybe 3 "chopstick stores" within 100 feet of each other. I bought a little turtle to set my chop sticks on. I had tried to have lunch in large glitzy mall with an elaborate food court with a myriad of delicious looking (clean looking) asian cuisines. I say tried because I bought a little spinach (different than American spinach, much bigger with fatter stems) and a palm sized chinese spring onion pancake, seemed simple enough in my pansy state of food sensitivity. I couldn't even finish it before I started burbing up terrible things. So in need of nourishment I bought a dry piece of sunflower bread and ate it walking down the street.

A spasm inducing mega-tron

Some chatting bike cops, they look cuter and more cuddlier than ours.

Cop walking along the gate of the Forbidden City.

Imperial City moat garden blanketed in snow. This garden is being spruced up for the Olympics. Amazing there were not more people here; just to the left of the bridge is the Imperial City wall, and beyond the wall are about 100, 000 Chinese people walking about, yet here it is quiet. Must be the delicate balance of the landscaping...or some such.

I love that the man who took this photo did so at such unconventional angles.

The moat itself and the Forbidden City gate in the background.

Bird cage delivery bike.

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