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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Message contains cash prizes.

Haven’t written perhaps this is one loafing about individual. Truth be hollered (so that this one can hear) I am afflicted by an infection. Perchance to dream, without earplugs, lest these plugs deliver the ear to a scaly pinkish itchy moist condition. The infection allows itself a respite all along the spiraled infrastructure of my outer ear, though mercifully not adventuring to the deep down bellows where the drums are sometimes stroked and many times hammered. Haven’t sought medical attention. Haven’t yet swallowed the notion that my ears could seal up of their own volition. Mom forwarded me some internet content on the subject. Talk of loss of hearing, talk of facial paralysis. But these I surmise are of some wretched caliber of infection, and I believe the ear plugs, of which I have grown dependent upon to sleep for more than a year now, were cast haphazardly by my waking self on a contaminated surface, just so landing on a microscopic host of specific potency, whose collective microbial desires were awaiting a non-inanimate object, such as my ears, to take up new residence.

Have been reading blogs that were translated into English from Chinese by merely right-clicking. The affect of a search and replace program upon language is stupendous, and the affect also inspiring. Here is my friend Zhao Haiyan (whose pen name is “Thinks White”) writing about her return to Sichuan, containing a small anecdote about not remembering a high school friend who happens to remember her. Haiyan means “huge mythical bird”:

Returns to one's native village the prelude
Goes home buys the ticket several passes through the troubles, including completely thinks had the assurance the airplane ticket all " flies ". Yesterday morning sat when drank with difficulty the lower pharynx red bean gruel outside the plot dining room, in heart also a little cool cool think, actually is which lovable vehicle can me bring to hometown street corner, ate that red spicy spicy rice noodle?
Sat in the home without stopping, ran the unit, to on-line grasped the ticket, unexpectedly exceptionally smoothly spend 500 big oceans, bought 24 sleeping berths. Takes the ticket on the way, with hires the driver speaks endures without stopping oneself son " ha ha " happy, he leans takes a look me: " Were you the ticket which attained goes home?" I " " ate as soon as am startled. 过心 inside again slightly does not have the self-satisfacation: I have the hometown, some remote places may read think, your person from Beijing always does not have? This time also endures without stopping to look like Arab League Q equally feels buoyantly superiorly gets up.
Attains the ticket on one after another start working overtime. Several days overtime pays may struggle to get free my lovable vehicle ticket price, thinks is full on working zeal. Evening when working overtime as soon as releases directly for the Zhao huge mythical bird low and deep music, also thinks relaxed, is not that tired. What feeling just before leaving do the time always some sheds have not, to say what not well is, very infers Beijing one side good friend, also did not have the time. Is just about to 伤感, the hometown schoolmate made the phone call comes, inside the warm sound immediately pulled me returns my hometown to go.
Is their three one what place dining together, in the telephone everywhere made noise, thanks just pulls class leader the manner sound says: " We all very think of you, here has the Jiang fine jade, the poplar sturdy pine tree, Du.... Who do you and speak?" Does not have " elects America " with enough time, already one each one answered the telephone and I says, the heaven, until laid down the telephone, I all did not know spoke in and whom, more than 10 years did not see the high school schoolmate, I listened to the name to respond only came, had to to make excuses, very exaggerated say: " You?" Actually does not know is who, is called them there to leave a good name in class leader, I go back slowly recognize. (Which schoolmate if looked my, left " considers densely " yo, ha-ha)
In family's telephone also one day several. My mother already gave me arranges very to pay a visit 三姑六婆 eight maternal uncles' matters, the elder sister also arranges to see this friend, that teacher, was because I good spoke, saw the daddy the relative also pulls me, mother's relative also was I accompanies, returned to the brother-in-law including my elder sister the native place, I all with. But the advantage is, may eat hundred foods, which families all have the oneself adept vegetable.
The computer head of a li in sings " this Lyu island, looks like one ship, in the moonlit night swings swings......" Had one ship must bring me to go home.
Already very was late, should go home. Goes home has a dream.

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson