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Monday, December 19, 2005

Nevermind! I knew nothing! I'm going to Beijing!!!!!!!!

I just got a call from Finley Beaton, a scotsman in West Beijing, to be precise. They want to hire me. Aihua Language School is in ShiJingShan, a far west poorer district of Beijing, which supposedly is more "Chinese" than any wear else in Beijing. Plus I can ride the subway 30 minutes to Beijing. Plus they've got a sweet little deal, more money potentially than Guan Ya. I'd have to share a appartment, but eh. Plus the school is run by cute Irish and Scots. Plus its just better...hopefully. This is such a hard decision. AGH!!!!!!!!!!I NEED TO DECIDE SOON. like tomorrow! I can't sleep.
Here is the site, its rather peculiar, and I like it.

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