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Thursday, September 08, 2005

A new distraction

So here is my blog. No one knows it exists. And I have yet to discover its magnificent e-features. But here is some writing:
Girl at Desk Half way around the world.

To the kind people that live approximately half-way around the world, presumably in the western high deserts of China, Kyrgyzstan, or perhaps Southeast Asia, Yellow Sea vicinity. I am not sure.
This is a message from a girl working at a desk in an office. I live and work in a medium to large city in the United States. It is a city full of abundant grocery stores and housing opportunities, though not as much as we would like. By most standards, there is an orderly traffic system and almost everyone could have a job if they wanted.
Anyways, the desk I sit at is in a small white house, which serves as my working place. At my desk I have a very well equipped computer that plays whatever music I like. I have a phone and can call whomever I wish. At my job I have many freedoms, but I also have a fair amount of responsibilities. In my office, I have access to a constant supply of fresh, cool water that is released from a large jug atop a dispensing spigot. There is also a refrigerator with ice and I am allowed to store my own food for snacks throughout the day. I can have snacks whenever I want. Often throughout the day my co-workers and I take breaks to walk to coffee shops to buy delicious pastries, ice cream, and sweet beverages. We take the time to discuss each others personal lives, within the reasonable limits of disclosure to maintain productive professional relationships. At the end of the working day, approximately eight hours or less, I ride my bike home. And eat dinner.

My name is Hannah Pierce-Carlson